Letter 3/101

50.000 years ago, things had no name…

dear all,

yesterday was big.
yesterday was fantastic.

did you post your picture on instagram?
did you see what the others have posted?

today, we will have a video chat with our “instagram cell team” so we can choose together the “picks of the day” (from yesterday)!

our 3 favourite posts will be reposted to our instagram account and the top 20 will be sent to our archive team. very soon, we will have our archive all set up and share it with you.


now, are you ready for today?
here we go. some things with no name.

by the way, this course is not about who posts the best picture.
it’s about creating a community.

if i comment on each picture, at the end of the day, each student gets one comment.
if each of you comments on all the pictures, we start having a conversation.

go to instagram, see what other people do, comment, interact, get to see new things, get to know new people.
to learn about architecture is not the goal, it is a tool.
the goal is to set up a community of people interested in architecture.

this is the power of the mooc, this is something you could not get in a traditional school.
this is where we go one step beyond.

it’s all about human interaction.
enhanced by new and social media.
going into a next level.

in this mooc, like any other social media based activity,
like any other web based activity,
like any other human activity:
at the end, you take as much as you give.

if you give a lot, you get a lot.
if you give little, you get little.

very simple, and at the same time, very complex!

to get you in the mood,
here a fantastic album for you:

captain beefheart & his magic band: trout mask replica

stefano, anne-sophie and petronela

Learn more in today’s pdf: http://bit.ly/1whV3QJ

3/101 Week 1: Taking pictures Tuesday: #50000YearsAgo