Letter 4/101

When things have no name…
If you want to find out more, read our pdf: http://bit.ly/14uptZr

dear all,


3 main things for today.

1st thing:
here is the link to today’s lesson.

we can’t wait to see your liquids on asphalt…


2nd thing:
regarding yesterday’s homework.
we might not have explained ourselves well enough.

some of you understood,
but others of you did not.

you had to take a picture of crumpled paper.
not crumpled paper and a background.
not crumpled paper and other things around.

simply one picture in which you see crumpled paper.

these days,
we are doing a research on nothingness.

50.000 years ago,
we were not aware of the idea of “context”…

for all of those who did not understand this,
you will repost a picture in which you see only crumpled paper.


3rd thing:

regarding the uploads on iversity:
you will have to upload them between friday and sunday night (midnight, milan time).
in friday’s pdf, we will explain you in details how to do so.

have a nice day + looking forward to seeing more things with no name on instagram!

kisskiss / lovelove

sincerely yours,
anne-sophie & the team

4/101 Week 1: Taking pictures Wednesday: #ThingsWithNoName