Letter 5/101

Today, time for a TV with no signal.
Check out the pdf here: http://bit.ly/1DAMW6G

it’s time to watch tv!

(of course, without any signal…)

how are you?

are you hanging on?
are you feeling ok?

we now have our ‪top‬ 21 daily picks account on instagram.
isn’t it nice?

we are making some progress!


from our side,
it’s quite a nice challenge to have our MOOC run by a community of people from all around the world.

we still have many things to adjust and to understand,
but it seems that our “cells” are already managing the whole thing pretty well!

thank you!

we now have a meeting with the instagram “cell” to choose our favourite entries from yesterday.

stay tuned + kisskiss


anne-sophie + the design 1o1 team

TV with no signal.