Letter 10/101

Kazuo Shinohara and Allen Ginsberg, we like them a lot! They have a lot of things to teach us…
Check out the pdf here: http://bit.ly/1C3J3bh

dear all,

ready for today’s exercise?


now, about yesterday’s assignment,
i am not sure everyone properly understood the brief.

the goal was to draw only what you were looking at.
not what you thought leaves should look like.

for example,
if we take a look to what was made on instagram:

i clearly understand that enysama was not looking at her drawing (while drawing it).
enysama kept her eyes on the leaves and drew what she was truly seeing.

on another hand,
mr. byrontoledo made a very lovely composition with colours,
but then, i have some difficulty imagining that he was not “looking” at his drawing when he added colour to the whole thing.

do you see what i mean?

in these exercises,
our goal is to escape from our preconceived ideas of what things should look like.

things are as we see them.
how do you “see” things?
this is what we want you to figure out.