Letter 15/101

“Stealing things is a glorious occupation, particularly in the art world.” (Malcolm McLaren)
Today, McLaren day!
Read more in the pdf: http://bit.ly/185y06y

dear all,

many things to communicate to you today.

first of all,
the link to today’s lesson.

second of all,
yesterday’s letter with the working hyperlinks.
some of them did not work but now they should!


third of all,
the peer-to-peer.

since we received many questions / complaints about the peer grading,
we are shaping a nice document for you.

once we have it ready (very soon),
we send it to you via email (and social media).

stay tuned!

last but not least,
justin paolo interno on iversity:

“since most of us are busy with instagram, let me utilize another means to communicate. my question would be about the concept of non-place.

what can we do to make it a ‘place’ based on the teachings of augé and tuan?”

…and then (justin also says)…

first thing that comes to my mind is to fill the non-place with a sense of belongingness for it to put a meaning in it, and eventually will be of value to humans.”

thanks a lot Justin!
we love you!

you asked a question and then, you even replied to it!
very nice question, very nice answer!

if all the students in the world were like you,
the world would be a better place!

anyone else would have something to add to this?



anne-sophie, stefano, petro and the design 1o1 community.