Letter 24/101

“One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.” (Henry Miller)
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dear all,

first of all,
today’s exercise.

the same as in the last 2 days,
but this time, the diagram needs to be that of a place,
your place.

try to focus more on the meaning and main components of this place.
try to focus on one particular aspect of it.

if we take for example yesterday’s exercise,
some diagrams have the power to stick to our minds.

it’s all about having an idea and representing it clearly:

wadjin‘s body is about inputs and outputs.
caturinn‘s body is made of 9 or 10 (including the eyebrows) different elements.
besacalles senses, makes and moves.
enysama is made of body parts that work better than others.
xraizor‘s body has some supernatural powers…


another good example? santanatalya.
i cannot read what is written inside the coloured circles, but her diagram is very strong and makes me understand many things about her.