Letter 30/101

“No man is an island.” (John Donne)
Read more in the pdf: http://bit.ly/16X4HlB

dear all,

what if your place was an island?

how would it be?
please, map it for us to see.


hans from iversity sent you an email.

they extended the deadline for “upgrading” to an ects or certificate track.
the new (and “final”) deadline is now: tuesday, february 17th at 13.00 (berlin time).

i modified the date (+ a few other things) in our “certificates” document.


one more thing.
someone wrote to luisa (from the iversity support team):

“my phone cannot take or post videos”

ms luisa should not be “dealing” with these issues.

this course is called “architecture 101”.
architecture is about continuously learning to adapt and solve problems.
in life (just like in architecture or design), there will always be new problems to solve.

the best architects or designers are those who can find solutions to problems, new ways of doing things.