Letter 31/101

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” (Henry David Thoreau)
Read more in the pdf: http://bit.ly/1F5o2jd

..to map your place…
as a starry sky…

our last exercise before the exam!


architecture 1o1 (part 1): from nothingness to place is coming to an end…

we got lost,
some of us are still lost,
others have found their way.

for now,
the important thing is to have a conceptual “place” in mind.
your own very special “place”.

then, once we get into part 2,
we will take this place and slowly,
we will start creating “space” around it.
we will add layers of content and meaning to our place.

we move slowly.
we go one step at the time.


this weekend,
we will send you video 32 + all the details for the exam.

also, on sunday,
we will have our last peer-to-peer.

there will be one peer-to-peer for week 6,
and one peer-to-peer that will merge all of the 6 weeks together (for those who missed the deadlines, you will be able to catch up with this special peer-to-peer).

this about this place of yours.
if it were a starry sky, what would it look like?