Letter 38/101

Now, eventually you do plan to have dinosaurs on your, on your dinosaur tour, right? Ian Malcolm
Read more on today’s pdf: http://bit.ly/1ESPpvG

dear friends,

many exciting (and important) things to read today.

first of all, today’s exercise, the last one for week 1: the history of place / the history of space.

second of all,
our first peer-to-peer session.
it is ready for you here and you have until march 11 at 18.00 to submit your work.

read our guidelines because the rules have changed.
indeed, they are not the same as they were in part 1…


third of all, a couple of news from the team.

as you already know,
our dear petronela has left us for a new place.
we find this very sad, but life can be very sad…


we wish her all the best and hope she will find her own very nice way.
we love you petronela! please give us some updates once in while and don’t forget about us!

because as heraclitus would say,
“there is nothing permanent except change”…


as it is counterproductive to remain sad,
and we have many reasons to be happy,
let us share some nice things with you:

we have 2 new members in the crew!

we have claudia that has been working with us for about one month now. claudia is in charge of our moving images. do you like our moving images? please let her know!


claudia lives in torino and comes to visit us in milan once a week. she is very lovely and we love her very much.

in fact, before becoming a designer, claudia was an acrobat (she still is one as a matter of fact).


here you can meet her on facebook and instagram.

then, we have giulia.
giulia started an internship with us last monday and is already managing the whole thing by herself. the collages, the pdf, the morning uploads…

she is very good and soon, she will be ready for more!

giulia is very excited to be part of our team and to browse all your exercises on instagram every morning.

here you can find her on facebook or instagram.
i am sure she would be delighted to meet you so do not feel shy to say hello!


kisskiss / lovelove to all + have a nice day