This is your ‘Cell Community’ calling you. You may have heard of us.

We are the student-based community that takes care of most of the Architecture1o1 related stuff – with the exception of instruction.

Anything from issuing certificates to making daily Instagram collections and planning the Summer Camp…

We always like to experiment and try out new ways of moving us all forward.

Students all over the world are following Architecture1o1 with us. Some of you we see on Twitter or Facebook, others on G+ or Instagram, and from some of you we hear through Iversity.

The plethora of platforms available to us is empowering, but it also makes it difficult to reach you or at the same time – our communication is fragmented. More and more we perceive this as a problem. Our great teachers send you announcements and pdf’s. Our wonderful Lola writes you letters when you have problems or even if you just have a question. And they do that all in their own unique way.

However, we, the cell people, we do not have a good way to send announcements and it’s not always obvious how you can reach us. Sometimes, we want to address all of you with an announcement and share some lovely and/or useful things. And we suppose you are also curious to know who we are …and maybe even join us :-)

Did you know for instance that a lot of your questions are already answered in our FAQ in Encyclopedia?

But Encyclopedia is structurally too complex for easily sharing simple posts.

And our Facebook cell group is join-able by anyone, but is visible to all by default, and one has to have Facebook account.

Long story short, here it is: a blog!

It will be used for announcements by any cells members, sharing thoughts and philosophies pertaining to the course and its design, and things like that.

Of course, when there’s a new post, you’ll be able to find out in whatever social platform you fancy…

Mu Um_Flower

This week we start with a small blog post from our dear Lola, a flower from our wonderful Mu ( a proud member of the Facebook cell), a song from the teachers and most of all.. a very warm

 a very warm welcome from the community.

Just enough to get you all curious and to get us eager to make sublime posts :-)


Claire and Filip from meta-cell.