Letter 47/101

hello dears,

a couple of (very) important things (in random order).

first of all,
about the announcement i sent you last night (the one concerning our peer evaluation), the iversity support team will let me know asap if they can add the comment box (or if it is too late).

i will send you announcement about this as soon as i know.

second of all,
all of you who have participated in the first part of architecture 101,
and who have paid for a certificate or ects track (and thus, who have submitted a booklet on the iversity platform), you did not get 0. in fact, none of you got 0.

if you received an email saying that you got 0, we truly apologize.
please ignore the email you received.

at the moment,
we are trying to understand some technical things with iversity.
we hope to solve the issue as soon as possible.

stay tuned and once again,
we apologize for the trouble this might have been causing you.


third of all,
last, but not least,
today’s lesson.

you will hear from me again soon,
have a nice day (for now)


sincerely yours,