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Architecture1o1 is a MOOC…ok you know that. Architecture1o1 is a community…ok you begin to figure it out on Facebook or Instagram or G+ Architecture1o1 is a community and a MOOC run by a community named Design1o1-cells …ok this blog is set up to explain you all this and make you really part of it. Now taratata! Architecture1o1 is also…an ENCYCLOPEDIA! Nothing more nothing less.

What is the meaning of building an encyclopedia about Architecture in 2015? What is the goal? Why are we doing this?

To find new paths in this digital world… You are probably lost (overwhelmed by references, apps, pictures, videos, emails, comments…) at this stage of the course, fighting with questions, tools, hashtags…walking around in the digital maze…

Keep calm, no rush, no stress! Architecture 1o1 Encyclopedia is there to inspire you, to make you smile along the journey, to give a kick to your creativity.

Kazuo Shinohara's house This encyclopedia will not be, is not the “state of art” of architecture in 2015. It is beyond Architecture, it is the content springed from a community focused on learning about Architecture using different digital paths. It is a flow. There are contents coming from Teachers via the reading of the pdfs and contents shared by the community along the different social platforms and… lot of references to YOUR works! This is very special :0 Encyclopedia is NOT Archive. Encyclopedia has not to be stucked to the content of the daily course delivery. Each article/pad is a hub that drives to new subjects (text, video, sound). Each article is written with LINKS to other articles (sometimes they are not yet filled with content but the community will quickly find relevant content for every article) Using an editable website suggests a shared authorship of the articles/pads. It is a collaborative work…in progress.

Be adventurous, be generous, add your “little grain of arena”, your “personal touch” to #Encyclopedia about: concepts, heroes, musics, poems, howto, recipes for teachers…: #YouAreWelcome!

All these articles are under a unique name (= workspace) : “Architecture1o1” and so the very special url to go to Encyclopedia is: https://architecture1o1.hackpad.com/

Have Fun!