Mix tape :: It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world, except for lola. La-la-la lola.

Good morning darlings,

do you have a theme song?  personal soundtrack?  or, for the (ahem) “vintage” students, a mix tape?


These are the go-to songs that repeat in your head.  Sometimes carefully collected.  Other times, the songs are sneaky and hide.  Waiting.  When the music plays a memory pounces!

It is a surprise what the memory will be.  some memories sweet.  some memories sour.  memories and breaded chicken are really quite alike that way.

My theme song is easy.  it is named after me.  Well, that’s what i tell myself, because i was born first after all. Every time i drink a cherry cola it plays in my head.

See-oh-el-aye cola…


Music can inspire. console.  seduce… ooh-la-la!

Music can provoke. annoy. anger…  grrrrr!


Did you know that an almost-riot broke out in paris when the rite of spring first performed.  oh my, lola!


If you are seeking inspiration – why not see where music leads you?  sweet and sour?  Here’s this week’s song from our teachers.  Your classmates and cell members have compiled quite a few at the encylopedia.

 Surprise us.  Add a few of your own.

In the comments, let me know what types of music you listen to.

I can’t wait to find something new for my next mix tape.


Cherry bye!



Lola… la-la-la lola

p.s.  Don’t forget!  your flower from Mu.  <3

Mu Um - white flowers