Lola letter


my cherry blossoms

How are you

Are you enjoying our challenges…

This week we led you into a paper world

(a tiny world, i even had to put my glasses on to see it)

can you see it –

It’s all starting to come together our architecture world

remember it’s not about becoming an architect, but about learning to think like one

(I must remember to ask Stefi, if architects brains are built differently)

oh have you made the eames elephant

come on –it looks so happy


I needed cheering up this week

yes me, la-la-la lola

sometimes things just don’t go the way we want

I needed a friend and i’m so lucky i’ve got you and my cell mates

you helped make the sun shine again just for me

I hope you all have a friend

a special friend

the eames elephant is to help you remember

(because elephants never forget)

that with a little help from your friends you’ll get by

sometimes we just need the courage to ask


so my dears

a flower from Mu

a smile from me

a song from stefi and the lovely anne sophie

(she’s cut her golden locks off but she’s still the fairest in all the land)


La-la-la Lola

Flower for Mu, Happy Easter!