Pinterest, or the reasons why we love to pin

“I really really love the Internet”

Ben Silbermann – founder of Pinterest


Some of you may surely ask why another channel? Aren’t Facebook, G+, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, Issuu, WordPress and Hackpad just..enough?

Well yes, they are enough: lot of different channels to nurture and follow, a lot of people involved,  energy flowing so massively and so fast that sometimes i feel i need a break.

Pinterest is the break, or the relaxing cruising ship in the Social Media Sea.

Please have a seat at your peace, make your researches, looking around finding your hidden treasures, enjoy them now or save them for later. Whether you prefer diving in the deep or just swimming on the surface, you will find something valuable, following the moment inspiration or some kind of pre-ordered path.

It’s just up to you and your degree of Pleasure of the Quest.

Eventually your profile will become a quite responding portrait of yourself via your true interests: you can’t fake it on Pinterest! But this is another story : )

Pinterest pursue you to give your best, to share with others what you feel is good for yourself.

Do you like Pinterest? How do you use it ? I really would love to know it, we can talk in the comments below

: – )

kiss kiss / love love