Letter 63/101

If you want to gather honey, don’t kick over the beehive. Dale Carnegie.
Today’s lesson here: http://bit.ly/1Fr65wc

hello everybody !

today’s lesson is the last one of the second part…
are you sad ?
are you ready for the exam ?

we’re very excited !

later today,
I will send you the link to our last peer-to-peer.

we are also preparing a “special peer-to-peer” merging the 6 weeks together, for all of those who had problems in participating to the first ones. I will send you the link to this one as well.

remember that you need to have successfully participated to 3 of the 6 sessions in order to get all your 10 “peer-to-peer” points for the course project (for those on the certificate or ects track).

have a lovely weekend !