Letter 65/101

“The Coyote is limited, as Bugs is limited, by his anatomy.” Chuck Jones
Here, the pdf: http://bit.ly/1GaadM6

dear all,

how are your booklets going?
did you post images of your process on instagram?
you better should.


for those on the certificate or ects tracks,
remember that monday is the deadline to hand them in…
and do not forget to upload the statement of authorship!
without this statement, you will automatically get 0 (zero).


are you ready for part 3?
are you enrolled?

here we go with our course introduction video + pdf.

make sure you read the pdf very well (and until the end) because our cells prepared a lovely newsletter for you. we “hyperlinked” it towards the end of the pdf.

the cells are growing,
doing more and more everyday!
it’s very nice and oh so special…

thank you design 1o1 cells,
thank you so much for everything you do!


everyone ready for monday?
looking forward to it!

kisskiss / lovelove