Letter 68/101

“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”
Princess Leila
Today’s lesson here: http://bit.ly/1DVwr36

hello everybody !

i noticed this morning that we had not posted
yesterday’s “materials” (video + pdf) on instagram.
so we just did it now together with today’s upload.


thank you for posting your work!
we found some very interesting conceptual models:

andrea_matic: we are curious to see how this could be further developed. the point of view, the optical illusions… :o

uwe_blnmch: very simple, very lean, very clear, we like!

jqmpics: lovely play with shapes and depth

jaurinu: not inside, but very nice. yes, very nice.

reginaberlin7: very cool to create a “room” within a room… don’t you think?

we are really curious to see your next works :)
don’t be shy!

now, we’re ready for today, wednesday: tools and materials day!