Discovering Space and…much more..this summer

You are a regular visitor of the blog or maybe you just ended up here by change?! In any case continue reading. Exciting information will follow, for architecture lovers … and creative people in general.

Firstly, a brief introduction on Architecture1o1 to follow….Architecture1o1  is a MOOC course operated under the platform. Stefano Mirti and Anne-Sophie Gauvin, are the creators and are constantly working in supporting it, together with a vibrant online team: the Architecture1o1 Community. It’s main goal is to make a community where students learn to see spaces like architects do, develop creativity and learn from each other. After a six month lasting voyage through the architectural space … from Nothingness to Place (Part I) … from Place to Space (Part II) … from Space to Architecture (Part III) …students had, last week, the final assignment.  Now the time has come for architecture students to complete their last exam of the course…a very special one….More about this soon to come here on the blog. Meanwhile if you are triggered and curious you can see their last assignment works on the Condor1o1….or just a few here…

Pictures Pictures2 Pictures3 Pictures4

Additionally,  you may want to have a look on the Facebook Design1o1 Arenadid you know is reaching now more the 3500 members…and it hosts a resourcefull collection of images.

Now that you are a bit introduced to Architecture1o1, my dear friend, you might wonder what is going to happen now that Architecture1o1 Part III is over and approaching the summer. There are many things happening during this summer at Architecture1o1. Among them are: The Exhibition, A Summer Camp… and  The Greatest Arch1o1 Mission …stay tuned and you’ll find more….

Now that you tasted a little teaser from our students’ work produced over the last 6 months, we hope you are hooked and feel the same ancestral spirit that drove us. Thus, we are ready to announce the grand event that is about to kick off. Because the students have exceeded their teachers expectations and continuously showed overwhelming abilities and excitement, they embarked in another challenge – so-called The Matchbox Series of 9 Spaces’Sounds exciting already, doesn’t it? We think so too. The series is based on matchboxes, as you might guess. More exactly, on 9 of them. Every single one used in a very special way. Each of the 9 matchboxes will be dedicated to one specific space chosen from Georges Perec’s introduction in Species of Spaces and Other Pieces’. You don’t know who George Perec was? No worries, you are about to find out. George Perec was a French novelist, filmmaker, documentarist and essayist. He had the keenest of eyes for the ‘infra-ordinary’, the things we do every day – eating, sleeping, working – and the places we do them in without giving them a moment’s thought.Have a look here about his work.

DISCOVERING SPACE. 20th of June from 18.00-22.00 and 21st of June from 10.00-14.00 in Community Centre of Blankenrath, Germany.

Ok, now you know who this inspirational source is. You are now ready to see some of our students’ interpretations of George Perec’s spaces.

Pictures5 Pictures6 Pictures7 Pictures8

You might already guess that there were very specific techniques used such as: paper cut-outs, leporello/ accordion, collage, strings, sand, objects, partitions, seeing through a peephole and finally, a free technique chosen by students. Isn’t that amazing? And you know what is even more amazing?? That all these little matchboxes will be on display for YOU in an exhibition. That’s right! DISCOVERING SPACE  is the exhibition that will take place on Saturday, 20th of June from 18.00-22.00 -with opening party on Sunday,  21st of June from 10.00 until 14.00 in Community Centre of Blankenrath, Germany. Do you want to find more about this exhibition? Just take a look on the flyer below.


The Architecture1o1 also prepared a poster in Deutch as well…..for our german speaking friends all over the world.


In case you are not able to come to Blankenrath and enjoy our artwork … we feel sorry. However, the Architecture1o1 thought about that too! If you want to see the Matchboxes in your own living room or maybe at a local gallery, YOU can do it! The exhibition will be wrapped up and send all over the world, thanks to our international students. A mission like no other, with an audience like no other, from children to still creative people. Interested? Just see the flyer below and participate in our mission around the globe. We are looking forward to hearing from you and about your ideas.

The Matchbox Space Invasion. Architecture1o1. Traveling around the world with…YOU

Matchbox exhibition

If you prefer german we took care of that too.Here it is the translated poster in Deutsch ….


Stay tuned for a comprehensive list of locations…. already announced are places in Germany, France, Costa Rica, Australia, Bulgaria….

Bon voyage my little matchboxes …