Architecture1o1 Exhibition

In vain have you acquired knowledge
if you have not imparted it to others. – Deuteronomy Rabbah

52 spaces – 9 methods – a lot of creativity in matchbox size
A group of architecture students from all over the world have been discussing the question of space and place. Ideas are being displayed visually in mini-format.

Today is the launching day of the last stage of the Architecture1o1course.
This MOOC, gathering hundreds of students from all over the world and of (almost) all ages, operated by an enthusiastic online community, reaches its final point. The knowledge gathered during the six weeks of learning and exercising, blooms into a major, shared project presented to the public in Germany, in the city of Blankenrath near Frankfurt.

In the process of discovering and understanding space, the students had the challenge of creating a series of mini-spaces, hosted by small matchboxes, using 9 techniques, an assignment inspired by George Perec’s work « Species of Spaces and Other Pieces ». A tricky task if you ask me, given the small size of the support. However, the creativity deployed has surprised even the course instructors.

To (proudly) share the fruits of this rich adventure that was the architecture course, organizers put together an exhibition of the Matchbox projects. Students were asked to mail their projects to Blankenrath, where fellow students and the course instructors would display them and present them to the public. We are thankful that the Blankenrath Community Centre offered to host this fascinating exhibition.

An opening party welcomes the visitors on Saturday, June 20th from 18:00 to 22 :00 and the exhibition will go on on Sunday, June 21st from 10 :00 to 14 :00. If you are in the neighbourhood, feel free to drop by for a head-spinning experience and a friendly word. Some little insights from the exhibition live…Thanks to Design1o1 for updates and photographs.



Again, in a nutshell :

Blankenrath Community Centre

Saturday, June 20th from 18-22hrs (opening party) Sunday, June 21th from 10-14hrs

In case you miss this opportunity, no worries. We decided to take our Matchboxes on a World tour. Indeed, the exhibition will travel around the world, through more than 10 countries.

Stay tuned for more info on this. It might just show up near you.