Breaking news: Design 1o1 redux + more

Design 1o1 Redux

dear all,
good evening from milan
important news to share with you tonight…
exactly one week ago,
there was a “hangout” to determine the course responsibles.
some of you were there in the video chat,
others followed us via streaming.
some decisions were taken in a very short period of time (we tried to keep the hangout as brief as possible)…
and then, during the week,
conversations between some of the people concerned were continued,
questions were raised, fears and excitements were shared…
all in all,
very common things when dealing with such issues…
now that a week has passed,
it seems that decisions were made and here i am to share them with you!
yes indeed ladies and gentlemen,
our official course leaders will be 4 and they will be shahrazed, miri, cristina and anna!
i am positive that they will make a fantastic team + can’t wait to start our activities together…
i heard that they were already preparing some nice little “presentation” for all of us,
so i will leave the rest to them for now.
second big news for today:
this one concerns the course starting date…
it seems that iversity can only have us start on the 9th of november…
i learned this yesterday and did not have the chance to know more.
i will try to have it started on the 2nd (at the beginning of the month, as we like doing in the 1o1 courses).
in any case,
they assured us that our landing pages would be “set up” as soon as possible.
i will let you know more as soon as i do.
in the meanwhile,
i would use this extra time we have to prepare,
plan some new tricks and strategies and discuss with our leaders!
last but not least,
the bloody supermoon.
another pretty exciting affair…
i’m looking so much forward to it!
à bientôt + kisskiss…