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Stefano Mirti, Anne-Sophie Gauvin and Petronela Nita

This archive is a collaboration between:
Aristotelis Triantis, Pethes Gabor, Shahra Guir, and the Design 101 cells.
Contribution to Russian translation Elena Bogatyreva, OLGA TRETJAK and Dina Neri
Blog Author Anna Amalfi and KAREN LILI

Architecture to convert a place into a state of mind. Apparently a simple task, actually a fairly tricky operation. To (try to) understand, we split our journey into three parts. This course is about part 1: from nothingness to place (part 2 is from place to space, part 3 is from space to architecture).

What is a place? What is space? How do we make space? How do we prepare our mind to make space?

Without a concept, we can’t have a place. Without a place, we can’t have space. Without a space, we can’t have architecture…

If we want to create space, in the first instance, it has to happen in our mind. When a conceptual vision takes form in our minds, a place (with its own spatial features) is born.

Architecture 101 is an introduction to space and architecture through 101 exercises. A six-month journey divided into 3 courses “online” on iversity (part 1, part 2 and part 3), one final exhibition / graduation party. If you are still alive after all of this daunting process, there will be a one-week workshop “offline”, where we will go one step beyond.

Part I,  Part II,  Part III